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Name:A k i t o [明人相馬] S o h m a
Character Name: Akito Sohma
Character Series: Fruits Basket
Character Age: 18/19 (or thereabouts - it's never specified.)
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: After the events of the manga series.
Background Link: Akito Sohma is the Head of the Sohma family. She "earned" the title after her father's death. To make matters more complicated, because of a threat issued by her mother (Ren), Akito was raised as a boy instead of a girl. (It turns out that Ren was afraid of the attention her little girl would get if everyone knew she was a girl.) Thus, from the very beginning, Akito's life was difficult.

Yet, because of her place in the Zodiac, some of the older Zodiac members (i.e. Shigure, Hatori and Kureno) looked after her religiously. If she cried, they came to her aid. If she felt ill, they would put aside everything to look after her. There were countless times when she found herself in their arms, and it wasn't long before she started taking advantage of that.

Especially after Kureno's curse broke.

Feeling her world crashing down, she sobbed herself into exhaustion until he promised to never leave her side. (Of course, such a decision would, later, interfere with her feelings for Shigure, but, as a child, Akito's request was made out of desperation. She couldn't stand the thought of her Zodiac falling apart. Ren would surely gloat unbearably and Akito would be without a true family - or permanence.)

After ensuring that Kureno would remain apart of the Zodiac - even though the spirit of the rooster/wren no longer possessed him, Akito turned her sights to the rest of the Sohmas. Any and all of the possessed Sohmas were, essentially, her "toys" - or so she thought. Yuki - the rat - in particular bore the burden of Akito's bad moods. All of her stress and all of her rage was vented on him. She dragged him down into her dark, black world and made him feel worthless.

As the years added up, Akito grew into a handsome young "man". Tohru even commented on how "he" was as handsome as Yuki. Yet, the inside did not match the outside. Akito frequently lashed out at her family with nasty words, blows and threats. When Tohru interfered with her family, it was clear fairly early on that Akito realized that she was losing control of her family. But she wasn't going to give up easily. Her permanence was in danger.

However, over the duration of the manga, she slowly accepted that the curse was meant to end and that it was only a burden on those she loved best. Unfortunately, by the time she decided to let everyone go, she had done far too much damage to hope for anything - and she realized that when she brought the curse to an end. Thus, for the first time, Akito performed a truly selfless act.

With a new outlook on life, she approached her long-time love, Shigure. (The pair had a number of issues over the series - including Akito sleeping with Kureno and Shigure sleeping with Ren as revenge. They also fought almost constantly because of their stubborn natures.) Yet, this time, the pair were finally able to see eye to eye. Akito confessed her desire to remain with the Sohmas and guide them in their new lives. Shigure admitted that she frustrated him but that, in the end, he wasn't going anywhere. It is believed by a number of fans that the pair plan to marry not long after the manga's conclusion.

(If you would like for me to detail her relationship with each character, I do not mind doing so. I merely summarized a number of events in the manga's progression.)

Personality: The "new" Akito is softer and far more thoughtful than the "old" Akito. She has let go of her bitterness and rage and accepted that, in order to get what she wants out of life, she has to work for it - and work she does. Shigure comments at the very end of the manga that she has transformed into quite the worker. Yet, the Sohma business is not her sole focus. It's clear that she loves to spend time with Shigure and Tohru frequently. (I would also like to think she spends time with any of the other Sohmas - excluding Kureno - who have, more or less, forgiven her.)

Thus Akito has, for the most part, relented of the past. She is ready to embrace her future with Shigure - as well as with the rest of the Sohmas. But, I believe there is a part of her that still craves what Tohru can offer. Like Rin and so many of the other Sohmas, Akito found a friend and a mother figure in the young girl. There will probably always be a weakness for Tohru in Akito's heart. Tohru is the reason she gained a new perspective on herself and life in general. Tohru is the reason that she had the courage to reveal her full feelings to Shigure. Tohru is the reason that Akito now feels pretty.

Yet, more than that, Tohru is the reason Akito can open up to and trust other people. Therefore it wouldn't be strange for Akito to hug the girl or turn to her when she is having a difficult day - though I'm sure Shigure can be soothing in his own way.

Above all, Akito has learned to stand on her own two feet. She has finally tasted independence and she feels pride in that. For the first time, there's no guilt (or, rather, no new guilt), no expectations and no one to compete with on a regular basis (she has chosen to ignore Ren completely - though she did, originally, try to kindle a friendship between them to no effect). Thus, in summation, Akito is healing not only herself but those around her. Instead of being a source of constant negativity, she is transforming into someone who can be relied upon for sage - if not sassy - advice, consolation and guidance. Despite her young years, she is one of the - if not the - main pillar of the Sohma family and, for the first time, it's not because of a birthright or a curse - it's because she is fiercely protective of her family and willing to see them through whatever trials may befall them.

Abilities: She was the vessel of the god of the Chinese Zodiac, but that spirit has left her. She is a normal girl now.

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